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Land, Topsoil and Trees — livestock damage (Sound Bites)

The third edition of our Sound Bite Series… The UN report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, came out in late 2006 and reported how the livestock industry is seriously damaging our environment in four separate categories: Land and Trees, Water, Climate Change … Continue reading

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Burning trees in the Amazon — to feed pigs in China

We’re not the only nation that has become addicted to the most harmful, wasteful, and unsustainable diet in history; the Chinese are now going after our “Western” diet in a big way. From a recent Fast Company article (See link … Continue reading

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HOME – a 2009 film — a powerful eye-opener

Wow, I just saw the trailer to this powerful movie this morning for the first time.  It was first released in June of 2009 and has already been seen by over 400 million people.  I was struck by the clarity … Continue reading

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