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The CERTAINTY of global warming and water scarcity…

And the worst catastrophes that can be avoided—if we act NOW! Mainstream scientists and environmentalists now agree that human-driven climate change is happening and that today’s water shortages around the world are only going to get worse. Most of those … Continue reading

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“You’re Screwed” or “We’re F_ _ _ _ D?” Take your pick.

Even Jimmy Kimmel knows we’re in trouble. Last week, I posted a blog about an Oxford scientist/professor who paints a pretty bleak picture for the longterm survival of our species. Imagine my surprise when I saw essentially saw the same … Continue reading

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Are you ready for a $35 burger?

And much higher than that if the beef industry had to pay for water.                Water excerpt from Lester Brown’s book Although many analysts are concerned about the depletion of oil resources, the depletion … Continue reading

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Global Water Crisis. More “confusion over clarity.”

The water crisis and the food crisis go hand in hand… And the “blinding flash of the obvious” solution to both is right under our noses. It’s what we put in our mouths. The simple fact that our western diet … Continue reading

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“Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism”

That was the headline in The Guardian this past Sunday Once again, the open-minded scientists of the world are trying to help show us the way. Like me—the U.N., the WorldWatch Institute, SIWI, and anyone else who is paying attention, … Continue reading

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World Water Day was Thursday, 3-22-12

The United Nations “gets it” when it comes to water. Did you know that the amount of water in the world has been constant for billions of years? And all generations of of humans and other creatures have drunk the … Continue reading

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Water shortage and pollution caused by livestock (Sound Bites)

The fourth edition of our Sound Bite Series… The UN report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, came out in late 2006 and reported how the livestock industry is seriously damaging our environment in four separate categories: Land and Trees, Water, Climate Change and … Continue reading

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