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Leveraging the Power of ARCH

An acronym for “automatically reducing the cost of healthcare” — a system that can educate, motivate and track employee progress as the entire workforce is systematically encouraged to make simple dietary improvements that can improve their health, while lowering the cost of healthcare for themselves and for the corporation.

With ARCH, senior management will have the ability to measure, track and analyze changing eating habits across the entire enterprise (by location, department, age, sex, VP area, etc.) and will be able to see how those improved eating habits are relating to changes in BMI and prescription drug usage—and ultimately, the reduction in the corporate-wide cost of healthcare.Board Room

With senior leadership actively promoting the ARCH message, the results are likely to be even more impressive. Since the cost of healthcare is the single largest category of expense for so many organizations, it’s only natural that senior management would want to track it carefully and continually promote actions that are likely to reduce it—like encouraging, helping and providing incentives for everyone to move steadily in the direction of more whole food, plant-based eating.

As I always said when I was a process-improvement management consultant for fifteen years, “What gets measured, gets done!” Now, with ARCH, we have a simple system for measuring and reporting food choices—the driver of 70% or more of our nation’s healthcare costs. Our collective food choices also have a tremendous impact on our ecosystem’s ability to sustain us all.

The Bottom Line. ARCH offers the opportunity for top management to seize a strategic advantage over their competitors. Remember when GM announced that they were spending more on healthcare than they were on steel?

As the first wave of CEOs begins to take advantage of the many benefits that come from a healthier workforce, other companies who don’t undertake similar initiatives will have trouble competing with those who do. — J. Morris Hicks

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