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Reflecting on the ancient past; contemplating the future

A visit to the Metropolitan Museum inspires some “big picture” thinking. Scientists report that the human species is about 200,000 years old. And that estimate squares with the oldest exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. … Continue reading

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Walking for hunger—helping victims; not fixing the problem

Covering the entire front page of my local newspaper last week was the hunger walk image shown here. It was advertising a local Crop Hunger Walk scheduled to take place in Mystic, CT, on October 14. The article went on to say … Continue reading

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“Carnivores Next Door”—as the world runs out of space

Have you heard about the animals that have been taking up residence in our human space? First raccoons, then coyotes, and more to follow. But, they didn’t begin their invasion until we had commandeered their spaces for our homes, shopping … Continue reading

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