Consulting Credentials—J. Morris Hicks

General Management — Process Improvement — Food-based Wellness

J. Morris Hicks, "the big picture guy" for promoting health, hope & harmony on planet Earth.

J. Morris (Jim) Hicks

One-Page Bio — J. Morris Hicks

Health Promoting Consulting Credentials CV

Equipped with an MBA and an Industrial Engineering degree, Jim’s 30-year business career has been split equally between consulting and line management. As a consultant, he led profit-improvement projects for clients such as Sears, Holiday Inns and ITT. As a corporate executive, he’s had several stints as division president and was executive vice president of Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation.

Since 2002, he has invested over 10,000 hours in becoming an authority in the areas of health promotion and food-based wellness. During that time, he has developed the requisite tools and assembled a team of consultants, physicians, dietitians, nurses and teachers who are ready to help their clients develop a powerful strategic business advantage over their competitors.

Traditional corporate wellness programs have failed to stem the soaring cost of healthcare, because almost all are missing the single most important ingredient—the FOOD. Done properly, the “food-based” component of wellness can deliver far more savings than all other wellness initiatives combined. Eventually, those companies who don’t get real serious about that food component will no longer be able to compete with those who do.

The entire business career of J. Morris Hicks has prepared him for assisting organizations of all sizes develop and implement powerful, top management-led initiatives to promote superior health throughout the entire organizations.

A comprehensive description of our consulting approach (with videos)

Health Promotion Background of J. Morris Hicks

  1. Author of Healthy Eating, Healthy World, (BenBella, 2011), foreword by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, endorsed by ten others, including Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and the former CEO of Xerox, Paul Allaire.
  2. Co-author (with medical doctor) of the 4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health, endorsed by six other medical doctors and used by many in their individual practices.
  3. Member of the Board of Directors of the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, currently training 2,000 people a year in Plant-Based Nutrition; 500 of them are physicians who earn continuing medical education credits (CMEs)
  4. Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell/T. Colin Campbell Foundation (2009)
  5. Writing for the Food Channel. In early 2012, began writing a weekly column as a guest correspondent on
  6. Featured blogger at publishing weekly blogs for over two years.
  7. Creator of extensive international blog & website for promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth. Published over 900 consecutive daily blogs in less than five years. The website ( is now being seen regularly in over 100 countries.
  8. Creator of the trademarked 4Leaf for Life approach for promoting health by focusing on maximizing the percent of calories from whole, plant-based foods (
  9. Creator of the innovative 4Leaf Survey for estimating an individual’s approximate percentage of daily calories from whole plants—without counting calories.
  10. Co-founder of The Plantrician Project, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting plant-based nutrition and “planting the seeds of change” within the medical community. (
  11. Aligned with Total Health Immersions, Inc., providing medically supervised programs for high-risk (and high cost) employees who volunteer and qualify.
  12. Active speaker. Have spoken dozens of times in the past year—most notably in university settings such as the University of Kentucky and at the College of the Holy Cross.
  13. Creator of  4Leaf for Life Corporate Wellness, “The 4Leaf Vision of a Whole New Ballgame.”

For more info, contact J. Morris Hicks at 917-399-9700 or email

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