Udderly Amazing

Walter J. Veith, PhD

A Must-See Video by Walter J. Veith, PhD

Dr. Veith was educated in South Africa and received his PhD in Zoology in 1978.  You can view his complete bio by clicking here, but here is just a snippet to give you the idea of his educational background.

1978 Ph.D. Zoology (University of Cape Town). Title of thesis: ’Autoradiographic and Electron Microscopic study of embryonic nutrition in the teleost Clinus superciliosus’

2002-2004. Professor of Medical Bioscience, University of the Western Cape. Since 2005, Retired from academia but active as an international lecturer in most western countries and former east-block countries. Guest speaker at numerous international universities, health and science institutes, radio and television broadcasts as well as schools and church bodies on issues related to diet and degenerative diseases as well as science and religion.

Everyone in the Western world should see this 80-minute video about the overall absurdity of the ubiquitous consumption of dairy products. You will enjoy Dr. Veith’s relaxed style, the simplicity of his presentation and his sense of humor. If you’d like to watch this video in full screen mode, after clicking the start button, just click on the YouTube link in the bottom right corner—and watch it directly from YouTube.

Dr. Walter J. Veith — “Udderly Amazing”

The above video was featured in my post about “Rat’s Milk” on 2-21-12. Want more protein from milk? Rat’s milk is your answer.

Click here for Dr. Veith’s “Life at its Best” series of 5 lectures. 

For more information on cow’s milk and other dairy products, here are a few of my earlier posts for your convenience.

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