Welcome to our online bookstore, where you can buy all of our favorite books, many of which have lots of great recipes. In addition to the many books by medical practitioners, nutritionists and registered dietitians, we also feature several books on the environment and sustainability.

After writing my first book in 2011 and posting over 900 articles on this site, I have become totally convinced that we are addressing the most important issue in the history of humanity–our food choices in the 21st century. In our first two books listed, we make it easy for the average 8th grader to fully understand this crucial topic.

Reading List for Better Understanding

Just click on the images to visit book’s Amazon page.


Many 5-star reviews on Amazon from healthcare professionals


An eye-opening look at the “big picture” consequences of our food choices.


The absolute gold standard of science when it comes to plant-based nutrition. Essential.


One of the three books that influenced Bill Clinton to start eating mostly plants in 2010.


Powerful clinical evidence that the removal of animal protein from the diet slows, reverses or prevents cancer


Exciting new information regarding the power of food to improve cognitive ability and prevent dementia


The gold standard of clinical evidence that type 2 diabetes need never exist


The title says it all. The truth about the necessity for lots of whole plant carbs in our diet.


Whole grains, legumes and potatoes–important for promoting health and saving money.


A great look at the disastrous environmental impact of eating animal-based foods


A book for leaders who want to grasp the “big picture” of why our reckless lifestyle is grossly unsustainable


Clearly shows how are food choices are rapidly destroying the ecosystem that sustains us


Once appeared on cover of Time for assisting the Clinton White House on lifestyle health topics. A giant in plant-based nutrition.


The leader of the largest human nutrition study in history, Cornell’s T. Colin Campbell delves deeply into our complex and dysfunctional healthcare system.



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