Erectile Dysfunction

Also known as an early warning for heart disease

A simple solution to a big problem---that just might end up saving your life

A simple solution to a big problem—that just might end up saving your life

That’s because they’re essentially the same disease—restricted blood flow caused by the build-up of plaque in the arteries. So it’s kind of like the canary in the coal mine—an early warning system of a more serious disease, America’s #1 killer—heart disease. And you can easily cure both of them—with the same treatment: a diet consisting primarily of whole, plant-based foods.

One of my standard speeches has this attention-grabbing title:

Erectile dysfunction can save your life, reduce global warming, end world hunger AND help you lose weight.

That’s because the best solution for heart disease is switching immediately to the natural diet for our species—a whole foods, plant-based diet. That diet will also fix your heart disease—hopefully, before you have your first heart attack. That diet will also do some wonderful things for our planet and would enable us to feed all of the world’s seven billion people on far less than half the land that we’re using today.

Posted below is a 5-minute video where several doctors talk candidly about E.D. and it’s relation to heart disease. They don’t talk about the plant-based solution, but they do make the connection between E.D. and heart disease. Why don’t they mention the plant-based solution? Because there’s about a 95% chance that they don’t know about it. Whatever nutrition is being taught in med schools these days is a far cry from a powerful disease-reversing whole foods, plant-based diet.

Now for that 5-minute video

Appearing below is another much shorter video (2.5 minutes) featuring Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn of the Cleveland Clinic. He is the former surgeon who has reversed heart disease AND erectile dysfunction in thousands of patients over the past thirty years. He is also the primary doctor who influenced Bill Clinton to adopt a plant-based diet in 2010. He clearly points out that E.D. and heart disease are the same disease, just in different places. The cause is the same and the treatment is the same for both.

Meet Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., of the Cleveland Clinic

One-on-one MD Help. Sadly, 95% of our medical doctors are not aware of the power of plant-based nutrition to combat many chronic diseases, including E.D. If you would like a second opinion (about E.D.) from a medical doctor who truly “gets it” about food, you may wish to visit our MD Help page and schedule a telephone consultation with one of the MDs listed there.

Want to do some more reading? Here are a few of my earlier blogs on this topic. Also, since E.D. is essentially the same disease as heart disease (plaque in arteries impeding blood flow), you may also wish to visit our Heart Disease (#1 killer) Page on this site. It may provide more incentive for you to take care of your coronary arteries before it’s too late. E.D is just an inconvenience when compared to having a heart attack.

Finally, if you’re still having trouble in the bedroom after eating a near optimal diet for five or six months, the doctors and staff at may be able to help you cross the finish line.

For your convenience, here are a few of my earlier blogposts on this sensitive subject.

The following five books and one DVD can be purchased on Amazon for a grand total of less than $60—and will enable you to understand the overwhelming challenges we face—along with the single most-powerful solution of all.

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  3. An essential scientific resource: The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell; the primary book that influenced Bill Clinton to adopt a whole food, plant-based diet.
  4. What have we done to our planet? Full Planet, Empty Plates by Lester Brown
  5. A horrifying wake-up call for leaders. TEN BILLION by Dr. Stephen Emmott
  6. Food choices are the primary cause of our environmental problems, yet our world leaders, scientists & experts are Comfortably Unawareby Richard Oppenlander.

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1 Response to Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Yes, it’s an early warning for heart disease, but most men avoid talking about erectile dysfunction since it’s a tabu in the westernworld.
    We need to focus on openness, it will safe lifes!

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