My Blog— Over 1100 Since 2011

 Click Here for My Original Full-Size Blog Since 2011

Link to weekly SOS Memos and Bite-Size Blogs since 2016 

Beginning on February 9, 2011, I posted a daily full-size blog for 737 consecutive days and have posted 935 to date. For a listing of the 50 most recent full- blogs, scroll down in the right column. You can also search for others in the top right hand corner of this page.

In June of 2016, I launched my Bite-Size Blogs (BSBs) and posted 196 of them before replacing that series on 4-18-19 with my weekly SOS Memos, an acronym for Save Our Species but also related to the international distress signal. Click here to view a list of all of them, with the most recent listed first.

Regarding my website url, — as in “Healthy Planet J. Morris Hicks”

1 Response to My Blog— Over 1100 Since 2011

  1. Ben Brown says:

    Chapter 8 of “Healthy Eating, Healthy World” is the most clear, compelling explanation I have seen of the incentives that drive the medical, political, industrial complex. Has this or something similar been presented in a lecture, article, video, etc., or is it possible for me to obtain a digital copy of the chapter text? I would love to spread this message far and wide. If not, I will likely scan the book and make it available to others (copyright violation??).

    Thanks, Ben

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