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Our own health, or the health of our ecosystem?

Which is more important? My guess is that most people would answer that “our own health” is more important. Not because they’re selfish or uncaring about the environment, but because they probably don’t know what’s at stake should our ecosystem … Continue reading

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A new “generation” of blogs for the digital age

Designed to be read on smartphones or tablets in less than one minute Join our Mailing List. If you’re reading this page now, you are probably “following” this blog. If you want to receive the new BSBs, you will need … Continue reading

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Pomp, Circumstance and Beyond–“You’ve got to find what you love.”

But you don’t have to find it today. In June of 2005, Steve Jobs delivered his famous “You’ve got to find what you love” speech at Stanford University. A video and full text of that speech can be found under … Continue reading

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