Public Speaking with Passion

J. Morris Hicks

Speaking Synopsis for J. Morris Hicks

Many authors speak about promoting health through diet, a handful speak about the environmental impacts of our diet and even fewer speak about a pragmatic, workable idea for solving the alarming environmental dilemma that threatens our civilization. J. Morris Hicks may very well be the ONLY author in the world who speaks passionately about all three.

Food. Health. Planet. (58 min. video, Honolulu 2018)

One-Page Speaker Bio — J. Morris Hicks

Two Page Speaker Summary

Speaking engagements. Since publishing my first book in 2011, I have spoken at colleges, junior high schools, civic organizations and health conferences in Connecticut, Canada, Massachusetts, Florida, California, Texas, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Arizona, Kentucky, Italy, Colorado and at the Harvard Club in New York City.

For more info, take a look at the following:

1. VIDEO5-minute video of clips from a one-hour speech in Tucson, 2013 (about 500 in the audience). This video features actual sound from the event, synchronized with PowerPoint slides from the presentation.

2. VIDEO. The 4Leaf Solution by J. Morris Hicks 5 minute video from my Stonington, CT, office (2013)

3. VIDEO. Food. Health. Planet. — J. Morris Hicks — Ontario, Canada — Oct. 2017       Full, 34-minute presentation.

To book an engagement:

Contact me directly–J. Morris (Jim) Hicks

Mobile: 917-399-9700     Email:

Scroll Down for a few photos

Before a Crowd of 800–At the 2016 International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference

First Book — 2011. Endorsed on cover by Dr. Dean Ornish & foreword by T. Colin Campbell, PhD 

Below; a billboard in Tucson in September of 2013

The highway billboard promoting my 9-21-13 speech in Tucson, AZ

Tucson Billboard in September of 2013

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