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“Rationing” the treatment of cancer has already begun.

From a 7-29-12 editorial in the Los Angeles Times, near the end of a piece about cancer, they mention the dreaded “rationing” word. Access to healthcare already is being rationed to some extent by insurance companies, and not always in … Continue reading

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Projected “doctor shortage” driven by new health law.

Our $2.7 trillion “disease care” business is about to get bigger. Due to 30 million new patients accompanying our new health care law, the experts are projecting a severe shortage of doctors in many parts of the country. From a … Continue reading

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The “obvious” answer to health care is becoming more obvious.

As the mainstream media begins to ask more questions One of the latest, and most prominent, to weigh in on this topic is Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor at Large of Fortune Magazine. In a recent article (See link below), he … Continue reading

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