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CANCER. The Suffering. The Expense. The Tragedy.

Study Sees More Breast Cancer at Young Age That’s the headline that first caught my eye. Then, a few days later I saw this one: “Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us.” That’s when I decided to write a blog featuring … Continue reading

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One Drug. Two Years. $500 million—paid by the taxpayer

Another stark example of a seriously broken healthcare system A few weeks ago, I blogged about how the cost of healthcare is now compromising our national security (See link below). In it, I highlighted the four categories of “entitlement”  spending … Continue reading

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America’s fittest mayor (Chicago) goes PLANT-STRONG!

Rahm Emanuel now encouraging ALL city employees to follow his lead Not only is he the mayor of one of America’s largest cities, he served in the first Obama White House as the President’s Chief of Staff. Now, as Chicago’s … Continue reading

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