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A new “vital sign” in the field of medicine?

Could what we eat be more important to our health than not smoking? The CDC estimates that poor diet is as harmful to health as is smoking. Yet, while smoking status is routinely assessed at every patient visit, evaluation of … Continue reading

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What’s the real story behind Bill Clinton’s health turnaround?

Unfortunately, you won’t find it in the New York Times. But you will find it here. Last week, Dr. Mark Hyman was in the news from coast-to-coast. For what? For publicizing the fact that he has convinced Bill Clinton to stop … Continue reading

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Multiple Sclerosis—Campbell, Swank & McDougall weigh in.

Not surprisingly, dairy is once again a primary culprit. As we have reported many times on this website, we find that our optimal diet of mostly whole plants promotes health and prevents or reverses most of the maladies that plague … Continue reading

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Pritikin—College dropout who could’ve won the Nobel Prize

So what’s the story about the amazing Nathan Pritikin? In a People Magazine article shortly after his premature death in 1985, one of his staff described the great man thusly: “Nathan was a great researcher, a genius who was able … Continue reading

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Diabetes (fifth disease in new alphabetical listing)

All you need to know about preventing or reversing type 2 diabetes Five medical doctors, five videos and ten referenced blogposts. This is the single page that you should send to friends or family who may have an interest in … Continue reading

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FLU Shots. Why I never get them anymore

I can’t remember when I had my last flu shot. Probably fifteen or twenty years ago. Does that explain why I had a bout with the swine flu in November of 2009? Since I never went to the doctor, I’m … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz—still promoting the diet gimmick of the month

The doctors who say “Everything You Know About Cholesterol Is Wrong” That was the title of the lead segment of the Dr. Oz show on 12-11-12. While he occasionally presents some very helpful information (See my “home run” blog below), … Continue reading

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