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“World Hunger, the Problem Left Behind”

That was the headline of a 9-15-12 article in the New York Times. In Chapter 6 of our book, we summarized the sad dilemma of world hunger. It boils down to three things: a finite amount of land, a growing … Continue reading

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“Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism”

That was the headline in The Guardian this past Sunday Once again, the open-minded scientists of the world are trying to help show us the way. Like me—the U.N., the WorldWatch Institute, SIWI, and anyone else who is paying attention, … Continue reading

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Why are the “world’s greatest thinkers” missing the boat…

When it comes to fighting world hunger, global warming, etc.? Let’s take world hunger. Julian Cribb wrote a great book called The Coming Famine. Lester Brown wrote World on the Edge. Both authors are brilliant men and both books are … Continue reading

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