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World Hunger. It takes a village.

Thinking of the entire world as a village may help us make better choices. Sunday morning, lying in bed after hitting the snooze button at 0515, I began thinking about donating a half-dozen copies of our book to our very … Continue reading

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World hunger, energy, water — and the “obvious” solution

The Chairman of the world’s largest food company weighs in. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (9-3-11, see link below) by Brian M. Carney (in Vevey, Switzerland), the chairman of Nestlé addresses the ever increasing problem of … Continue reading

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FOOD — World’s brightest are missing the main point.

When it comes to our food, most of the world’s brightest still believe we “need” to eat animal protein. We don’t. In fact, it’s killing us and it’s taking a huge toll on our planet at the same time.  And the … Continue reading

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Einstein, Hippocrates, Thoreau…those guys had it right.

Some great thinkers have been on the right track for a long time. Humankind lived in harmony with nature for several hundred thousand years until just recently — within the past few hundred years. And, according to the research for … Continue reading

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U.N. urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet

After learning enough facts, you will no longer be able to call yourself an environmentalist if you continue to eat the typical Western diet. Almost five years ago (2006), the United Nations produced a 400-page report called Livestock’s Long Shadow … Continue reading

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When the Nile Runs Dry; NYT Op-Ed — pretty scary

As the unofficial beginning of summer took place on Memorial Day, I posted a blog about WATER the very next day. As we all know, water is not just for fun in the summer, it is that critical resource upon … Continue reading

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Bin Laden news and a message of hope…promoting peace on Earth

As I left Holden, MA this morning at 5:45 AM, I was expecting to listen to some soothing music on my iPhone’s Pandora Radio App. But before I got Pandora cranked up, I heard on my car radio that Osama … Continue reading

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