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It’s time to take “Big Blue” to the BIG APPLE!

“Big Blue” is my nickname for our book, officially launching in twelve days My friend Sal in New York is a senior citizen who has been a vegetarian for thirty-five years. During that time, he has done his best to … Continue reading

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Helping our loved ones — without alienating them

Yesterday, I blogged about the “collegiate army that will change the world” by leading the human race back to the natural diet for our species. Then, I got a series of comments that I would like to share with you … Continue reading

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Remember when your doctor smoked cigarettes?

Not only did most of them smoke; they regularly appeared in cigarette ads. It’s hard to imagine a physician that smokes today, but it’s not hard to imagine a physician who participates in a much more deadly regimen — eating … Continue reading

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Dinner Party — What should I serve my meat-eating guests?

Now that I am a 4-Leaf eater, what do I serve at my next dinner party? This question comes up often. My answer; everyone is different and must choose the “entertainment” policy that is right for them. All I can … Continue reading

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Social challenges of “4-Leaf” eating — real, but not a deal-breaker

In the western world where over 90% of the people are eating at least some meat and dairy every single meal, it’s not surprising that you will experience some social challenges along the way. Just knowing that they’re out there … Continue reading

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4Leaf eating, Part 5 — Dining outside the home

Challenging for some – great fun for the well-prepared Since most Americans consume more than half of their calories outside the home, it’s very important that you learn how to practice your 4Leaf eating experience in restaurants, in friend’s homes … Continue reading

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Unsupportive spouse…single biggest challenge to “4-Leaf”

For a major dietary shift; having your spouse on board is a really big deal. Wearing my health coaching hat today, I want to tell you about my friend Brian. After deciding to shift to a health-promoting plant-based diet for … Continue reading

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