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Rx for Global Food Information System. Complete Re-design

Like worn out cars—some SYSTEMS are beyond repair. The system that I am talking about is the one that distributes information about what we should be eating. We need to know the absolute truth about this most vital topic—for our … Continue reading

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“Just the facts” on the infamous Mediterranean Diet Study

I am reminded of the saying, “All that glitters is not gold.” Take five minutes and watch the following video by Howard Jacobson, PhD, who assisted with Dr. Campbell’s new book, WHOLE, Rethinking the Science of Nutrition. Here are four … Continue reading

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The “Perfect Storm” for fixing healthcare—NOW!

We’ll never fix “disease care” until we fix the food. And that’s a huge problem. In a democratic form of government such as ours, it’s almost impossible to change something as wildly popular as the Standard American Diet—even if it’s … Continue reading

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Learning from the “dairies to berries” project in Finland…

…about how “real” dietary guidelines can work in the USA Last week, Dr. Michael Greger posted a video (see below) that inspired this blog. He started out by asking why we even care what the official U.S. dietary guidelines are? … Continue reading

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Oxymoron of the week: Healthy School Lunches

Everyone praises Michelle Obama for working diligently to improve the quality of school lunches across the land. But is it really doing any good? And will it ever do any good as long as our government fails to acknowledge EXACTLY … Continue reading

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Affordable Care Act. How much do you really know?

Preparing for the healthcare portion of the Romney/Obama debates. Like most Americans, I know very little about the nation’s Affordable Care Act, more commonly referred to as ObamaCare. But I have a friend in Massachusetts who may know more about … Continue reading

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Eggs, health, and animal rights—strange bedfellows indeed

Learn all about the new “corporatized advocacy and industry co-option.” Not only are animal foods bad for our health, they’re also equally as bad for the health of the planet. And up until recently, the primary opponents to the huge … Continue reading

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