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A new “vital sign” in the field of medicine?

Could what we eat be more important to our health than not smoking? The CDC estimates that poor diet is as harmful to health as is smoking. Yet, while smoking status is routinely assessed at every patient visit, evaluation of … Continue reading

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When you hear “alternative” medicine, what comes to mind?

For most, it’s some kind of “kooky” avoidance of “real” medicine… Until they get their own tragic diagnosis of disease—like Sharlene in the video below. For most, it’s something that you seek out after you’ve been diagnosed with a serious … Continue reading

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Cancer survivors are on the rise. Is that good news?

And what about prevention? The American Cancer Society reported this week that the number of Americans with a history of cancer will rise by a third over the next decade, hitting some 18 million by 2022. What is the definition … Continue reading

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