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A Fresh 4Leaf Cooked Meal in less than 5 minutes—My secret

The key is cooking in batches and freezing one-meal portions. After being married for almost thirty years, I have now been a single man for fifteen. And during that time, I have learned the most valuable lesson of my life—what … Continue reading

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Celebrating the official “registration” of 4Leaf for Life

Featuring a subtle approach to educating the carnivorous masses Over the past few months, I have mentioned that my priorities were shifting and that I was working on a new business venture involving a new kind of healthy and convenient … Continue reading

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Flying the “diet-friendly” skies gets easier; says USA Today

That was the headline — but “easier” doesn’t necessarily mean healthier. While flying from Providence to BWI recently, I noticed an article in USA Today that caught my attention. The author graded eleven airlines on a scale of one to … Continue reading

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“National Healthy Eating Day” was Nov. 7—Did you miss it?

If so, you didn’t miss much—what a joke! After noticing this American Heart Association event in the news, I tried to find out what kind of healthy diet they were recommending. It turned out that the “day” was more about … Continue reading

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Eating 4Leaf in the real world (with a little wiggle room)

Anytime, Anyplace—Even on Labor Day Weekend–I recently received this note from a reader in the Philippines. I responded by including a re-cap of my fine dining on the road this past weekend. First the note from Leo: Hi Jim, Today … Continue reading

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Is salt a serious problem? Or merely a scapegoat?

Maybe a little of both — along with a bit of controversy Just in the past week, I have heard two bits of good news about salt—in both the New York Times (see link below) and in Dr. McDougall’s new … Continue reading

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Thinkin’ about drinkin’—here’s my take on beverages.

Cheers! Here’s to your health! After 467 consecutive daily blogs, this is my first post about beverages. My top ten list shown here includes four in the healthy category and six in the not-so-healthy column. Occasionally, we hear some good … Continue reading

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