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The Pope and the “Protein Myth”

Ignoring the elephant in the “Climate Change Situation Room” Who is going to tell the world that we don’t NEED to eat animal protein to be healthy? It could very well be Pope Francis–if only he were to become enlightened … Continue reading

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Humans “need” no animal products—EVER!

The old “protein myth” won’t go away quietly. Many vegetarians continue to believe that they “need” to add some animal foods to their diets in order to make sure they get enough of all the essential nutrients. I do not … Continue reading

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Athletic performance & a whole foods, plant-based diet

And yes, you can get all the protein that you need from plants. Just last week, the New York Times ran an article entitled, “Can athletes perform well on a vegan diet?” The short answer is YES. (See link to … Continue reading

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