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Animal Protein—Professional athletes don’t need it either.

The “Protein Myth” that won’t go away Lately, I have been hearing questions from readers and in lectures about the special “protein” needs of highly-trained athletes. Here is one of those questions—followed by a response by my son, Jason and … Continue reading

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BIG NEWS about red meat misses the main point!

Headline: “Red Meat Tied to Increased Mortality Risk” The big story this week (see links below) was all about the increased mortality associated with eating red meat. But they said nothing about the similar dangers of eating poultry, fish and certain … Continue reading

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Protein—There’s only one way not to get enough of it…

By not getting enough calories Essential nutrient? Yes. More important than complex carbohydrates? No. Earlier this week, I blogged about the importance of fiber in the diet of herbivores. Today, I want to revisit the old question about protein—because this … Continue reading

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