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Early detection of prostate and breast cancer…

And how it can ruin your life. That’s the headline of an email that I received from Dr. John McDougall recently. He’s referring to how our money-driven medical industry has successfully convinced the majority of Americans that prevention means early … Continue reading

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Oz shares colon story; “cancer screening $$ business” gets bigger

Survives cancer scare following first colonoscopy at age 50 It’s a sad situation when we have to spend $50 billion a year in this country to screen for a disease (colon cancer) that should never have to happen in the … Continue reading

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Screening for cancer…a very big business

Extensive screening gets patients in the door Screening for cancer in the U.S. and other western countries has become a very big business…that’s often followed by an even bigger business — surgery, chemo and radiation. Take the ubiquitous colonoscopy for example, … Continue reading

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For men only…killing two birds with one stone

Erectile Dysfunction Can Save Your Life If you are a male and over the age of 20 and have been eating the typical American diet for your entire life, the odds are near 80% that you now have coronary artery … Continue reading

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