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The Great Organic Food Debate of 2012

So what’s the story with organic foods? Are they worth the extra money? Are they healthier for us? For the planet? In recent weeks, you’ve probably heard and/or read about a recent study at Stanford University that stirred up quite … Continue reading

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The future of healthy food—even in Northern climes.

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors were able to eat a healthy diet in northern climes like New England in the wintertime? Today, we have the luxury of fresh fruits and vegetables of every variety—every single day of the … Continue reading

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Urban Farming; feeding the world after the era of cheap oil.

Chapter 5 of our book is entitled, The End of Cheap Oil. In a nutshell, the era of cheap oil for the past 100 years has fueled the growth of many incredibly inefficient processes around the world. And most of … Continue reading

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