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Talking heart disease with Marilu Henner

Featuring My 6-Step Solution for Ending Heart Disease Yesterday, July 10, I had the honor of being the very first “repeat” guest on the new Marilu Henner radio show, now eight weeks old. The topic was heart disease and featured … Continue reading

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J. Morris Hicks on Marilu Show Wed (July 10) — 10 a.m.

To listen, go to or click on her picture Topic is heart disease. Got a call from Marilu today and will make my second appearance on her show at 10 a.m. EDT, July 10, 2013. She told me that the topic is … Continue reading

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How many people do you know that have heart disease?

Probably a great many more than you think. Think of how many people you know over thirty; then multiply that number by 90%. You see, most people in the United States over the age of thirty already have heart disease, … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Diet—more confusion over clarity

Implying that olive oil and fish protect against heart disease No doubt everyone has heard about the big news story that broke on Monday—the one telling us the following message about lowering our risk of heart disease. From the New … Continue reading

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Erectile Dysfunction. Canary in the coal mine?

E.D. is widely known as an early warning sign for heart disease. That’s because they’re essentially the same disease—restricted blood flow caused by the build-up of plaque in the arteries. So it’s kind of like the canary in the coal … Continue reading

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Heart Disease—All you need to know on one page

Just say NO to Heart Disease! (3 powerful videos) If you want to get rid of your heart disease without surgery or if you want to make your children “heart attack proof” for their entire lives, you’ve found the right … Continue reading

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Making health a habit in 2013—Rip Esselstyn

As old man 2012 drags himself off the stage, now is a great time for a resolution to “make health a habit” in 2013. And that is the title of a recent TEDx Talk by Rip Esselstyn, author of the … Continue reading

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