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SMILE. My first ever blog about teeth—and gums

Also affected by what we eat Yesterday, I was scrolling through the McDougall Moment series of my friend Dr. John McDougall—and found one about teeth (featured below). As expected, he talked about the role of diet in the health of … Continue reading

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Is our food addictive in America? Or just a bad habit?

Addictions are tough to break; habits, not so much. Although most people think they’re addicted to food; I believe that most of our poor eating habits are just that—habits. And habits can be broken. Unlike cocaine, heroin or even caffeine, … Continue reading

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Multiple Sclerosis. Is it related to diet?

Eating the right food helps prevent most diseases. As we learned from the Forks Over Knives movie, up to 80 percent of our health care dollars are driven by what we eat; and in this blog, we’ve written about many … Continue reading

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Americans are eating less meat — New York Times

Mark Bittman of the New York Times brought us plant-based 4Leaf-ers some good news this week; (See link to article below my signature) he reported that Americans are definitely beginning to eat less meat. After declining for several years, the … Continue reading

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A reader asks about gout; historically, the “disease of kings.”

Occasionally a reader asks me about a specific medical condition. I always try to help the reader find more information and/or consult with their physician. Here is a note from Diana that I received last week. Dear Mr. Hicks, I’m seriously … Continue reading

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Happiness = Healthy Body + Healthy Mind

And this post is all about the “mind” part of the equation — Get ready to take charge of your happiness. While visiting in Florida last week, my girlfriend Ruth shared a book with me that I read while I … Continue reading

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Ending the madness — Staph bacteria commonplace in meat

Staph likely in three billion food animals per year — in the USA (47%) Now that Thanksgiving is behind us and before you rush out to buy your Christmas turkey, you may wish to review this informative video (3 minutes) … Continue reading

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