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UNSUSTAINABILITY — The elephant in the room

Not a C.O.P.D. commercial for Symbicort We can talk all we want about humans being omnivores and that we’ve evolved to eat meat, eggs, cheese, or plants. But the bottom line is that unless we shift to mostly plants pretty … Continue reading

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Urban Farming; feeding the world after the era of cheap oil.

Chapter 5 of our book is entitled, The End of Cheap Oil. In a nutshell, the era of cheap oil for the past 100 years has fueled the growth of many incredibly inefficient processes around the world. And most of … Continue reading

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Unsustainable. The end of cheap oil may be our friend.

The word “unsustainable” has probably been mentioned in at least half of my 272 daily blogs. Sustainability is the “capacity to endure,” something that our typical Western diet does not have — for a number of reasons. But today, I … Continue reading

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