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Finite Fossil Fuels…3 ways to make them last longer

We know they’re finite…but we’re using them as if they will last forever. The residents of New York City are among the most energy efficient of all citizens of the United States. They achieve that distinction by being exceptionally efficient … Continue reading

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FOOD — World’s brightest are missing the main point.

When it comes to our food, most of the world’s brightest still believe we “need” to eat animal protein. We don’t. In fact, it’s killing us and it’s taking a huge toll on our planet at the same time.  And the … Continue reading

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Einstein, Hippocrates, Thoreau…those guys had it right.

Some great thinkers have been on the right track for a long time. Humankind lived in harmony with nature for several hundred thousand years until just recently — within the past few hundred years. And, according to the research for … Continue reading

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The old 80-20 rule when it comes to sustainability

Pareto Principle — the 80-20 rule — and the Law of the “Vital Few” One of the coolest and most powerful things that I learned as an undergraduate in Industrial Engineering was Pareto’s Law, which has come to be known … Continue reading

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Biofuels, politics and feeding the world…

On the surface, one might think that making fuel for internal combustion engines from corn seems like a good idea. We all know that our supply of fossil fuels are are finite — and not renewable; so the more fuel … Continue reading

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NEWS FLASH: Gas and food prices rise sharply. What’s next?

First things first. Happy Birthday to my only daughter-in-law, Lisa Hicks, who is coming to Stonington for a visit today — with 4 out of 5 of my grandchildren. Click below for recent post on school lunches featuring Lisa and … Continue reading

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Cheap burgers, suburban sprawl and the end of an era

The way we eat and the way we live have a great deal in common — they’re both harmful, inefficient and unsustainable.  The American dream of a big private yard, a two-car garage, heated pool and cheap burgers is on … Continue reading

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