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Dollars & Sense of Healthcare, Defense & National Security

Strange bedfellows indeed—but then healthcare affects everything.  Just a few days ago, my blog consisted of a letter to David Brooks (New York Times) about the cost of healthcare and the inability of Congress to make one single hard decision … Continue reading

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A host of unsustainable issues—One common solution

In search of a few powerful, “BIG PICTURE” journalists In the past few days, I ran across three separate articles in the New York Times—written by three different journalists: David Brooks, Reed Abelson and Elisabeth Rosenthal. (Links to all 3 … Continue reading

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To-do list for our president’s second term in office

The experts weigh in on what his top priorities should be. In the 11-7-12 New York Times, nine of our nation’s best & brightest minds debated what Obama should be focusing on for his final four years in office. (See … Continue reading

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