Dioxin, PCBs, DDT—and Fast Food

What are you feeding your children?

In a short video below, Dr. Michael Greger tells us all about the “toxic soup” found in many of our popular fast “foods.” The data from the EPA shows that for a Big Mac or a  scoop of Haagen-Dazs ice cream, they contain 400 times the maximum dose (for children) of dioxin. For Pizza Hut and KFC products, it was 1,000 times the daily limit. Keep those numbers in mind as you review the following list of reasons for adopting a plant-based diet for you and your family.

Reasons for adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet are many. Recently, I created a top-ten list of those reasons and posted them on a chart alongside a top ten list of tips for achieving success in your transition.

My top-ten list of reasons for plant-based eating:

  1. Promote your own vibrant health for the rest of your life.
  2. Give your own children the gift of health.
  3. Ensure the health of your grandchildren and all of those who follow them.
  4. Save $$ on your medical bills and avoid the old nursing home.
  5. Reduce your total carbon footprint by 30%.
  6. Reduce your total water consumption by 90%.
  7. Help to end the needless suffering of billions of animals.
  8. Free up enough land to feed up to fifteen of the world’s hungry.
  9. It’s your chance be a key part of restoring harmony on our precious planet.
  10. Help your body seek its ideal weight – effortlessly.

For a printer-friendly copy of the above list, just send a message to chart@4leafprogram.com and mention “top ten” in the subject line.

Keep that list of ten in mind as you listen to Dr. Greger in the following video (less than 4 minutes). In my list, two of my top ten were about the children.

We know that everyone cares about their children, and once they have enough information, they will do the right thing.

For your convenience I have pulled together a few previous blogs on the topics of contaminated foods and children’s health. The second one features an 80-minute video by Dr. Walter Veith.

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1 Response to Dioxin, PCBs, DDT—and Fast Food

  1. Linda201 says:

    While we’re on the subject of children, I wanted to ask if anyone else out there has noticed the ubiquitous presence of junk food and animal foods in children’s story books. My grandson is two and a half years old, eats nothing but whole plant foods, and loves books. Before I give buy him books or pass-on any books, I have to read the entire thing to make sure there are no references to solid or liquid meat, ice cream, and other unhealthy foods. There are very few books that are suitable for vegan children, and I say that after conducting several online searches for vegan books for children. Many children’s books are plain weird, too, in that they show and/or talk about animals we know are herbivores actually eating other animals.

    Also, wanted to mention that my grandson was exposed to a bag of McDonald’s “food” for the first time recently (at his play gym – a mother brought it in for her kids, sad to say), and he said, “Mommy, what’s that bad smell?” When my daughter answered, “It’s junk food, honey” he said, “Why is that Mommy giving those kids junk food?” We’ve given him nothing but freshly prepared whole plant foods since solid foods were added to his breast-fed diet, so that’s what he loves and wants. He’s incredibly healthy, extremely bright, slim, physically very strong, and happy. He could literally be the poster child for whole-plant eating.

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