Sunday Learning Series–“Sitting on a Time Bomb”

Leading off today with a 78-minute video by Walter J. Veith, PhD

This very informative video was referred to me by Leo Schwaiger after he read my blog yesterday EAT PLANTS — NOT TIME-BOMBS. Today’s video delves into many of the perils of eating animal products, particularly with regards to chronic disease and the build-up of toxins within the flesh of animals.  Dr. Veith is South African and received his PhD in 1978. You can view his complete bio by clicking here, but here is just a snippet to give you the idea of his educational background.

1978 Ph.D. Zoology (University of Cape Town). Title of thesis: ‘Autoradiographic and Electron Microscopic study of embryonic nutrition in the teleost Clinus superciliosus’

2002-2004. Professor of Medical Bioscience, University of the Western Cape. Since 2005, Retired from academia but active as an international lecturer in most western countries and former east-block countries. Guest speaker at numerous international universities, health and science institutes, radio and television broadcasts as well as schools and church bodies on issues related to diet and degenerative diseases as well as science and religion.

As for Dr. Weith’s religious beliefs, Leo wrote yesterday, and I agree, “It is hoped you take the time to see the entire video. The facts would be as valid if they were made by a an evolutionist or creationist. The message is important, not the messenger or his beliefs.”

Meet Dr. Walter Veith

Click here for his complete “Life at its Best” series of 5 lectures.

Now, for your Sunday afternoon viewing pleasure.

Once again, I have included HOME and Earthlings—both the trailer and the full-length version of each. If you’ve already seen these movies, you may wish to bookmark this page so that you can share with others at a later date. You may also want to share the link to this blog with people that you care about.

So gather your family, get some popcorn (or celery) and take a little time to learn about our responsibilities as humans when it comes to the future of this planet. The message in these movies is all about the tagline of our Harmony Project—promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth.

Two great movies that we all must see.

An exceptionally well-done 2009 movie produced in France; it features aerial footage in 54 countries.

HOME, debuted in 2009 but still hasn’t been seen by nearly enough people. Narrated by Glenn Close, this marvelous film describes how life evolved on planet Earth 4 billion years ago and how everything is connected—-land, water, air, trees, creatures and humankind.

As Glenn describes how humankind has disrupted the fragile harmony of Nature in just the past fifty years, the powerful message will leave you feeling differently about the role of the human race on our precious planet. Don’t have 90 minutes to spare right now? Then watch this two-minute trailer;  then make some time real soon to watch the full 90-minute movie. You’ll be glad you did.

View the entire movie for free on YouTube

Next is Earthlings, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. Another great movie, it helps us understand how we’re just one of millions of species on this planet. Yet we have the power to affect the livelihood of all of the others. This is a movie you should watch with your children. For a preview, take a look at the 3-minute trailer below:

Nature—Animals—Humankind. Get the connection? In the full 95-minute movie below, Joaquin covers the “three stages of truth.”

Ridicule—Violent Opposition—Acceptance

Earthlings––free on Google.

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J. Morris Hicks, working daily to promote health, hope and harmony on planet Earth.

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  1. Leo M. Schwaiger says:

    Here is another short video about toxins in fast foods.

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