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Pesticides are “Obesogenic”— New word from Mark Bittman

Did you know that exposure to pesticides in pregnant women may increase the tendency that their children will be obese? That’s what Mark Bittman had to say about their obesogenic qualities. From his 12-11-12 article (See link below): This reminded … Continue reading

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The nasty business of eating chickens and eggs

E. Coli Found in 48% of Chickens — That was the title of a recent article in the New York Times (see link below). In a world where even vegetarians eat chickens and eggs, this kind of news will … Continue reading

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Dioxin, PCBs, DDT—and Fast Food

What are you feeding your children? In a short video below, Dr. Michael Greger tells us all about the “toxic soup” found in many of our popular fast “foods.” The data from the EPA shows that for a Big Mac … Continue reading

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Tainted cantaloupes; the headlines never tell the story.

Listeria outbreak tied to packing shed. FDA says dirty equipment contributed to cantaloupe illnesses. That was the headline in a USA Today article on 10-20-11 by Elizabeth Weise. So why do they never put the real NEWS in the headlines? After reading the … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz, apple juice, cantaloupe — food scares continue…

Here we go again, another round of contaminated plant-based foods But, once again, the news media never mentions the underlying cause of most of these contaminations. The latest big news is all about arsenic in apple juice and listeria in … Continue reading

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Eating animals — and the origin of disease in humans

A few weeks ago, we were hearing about the cucumbers in Germany that were linked to an outbreak of E. coli infections. Now, we’re hearing a lot about salmonella and sprouts — again in Europe. (See NYTarticle below my signature.) … Continue reading

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What they don’t ever tell you about E. coli infections

The root cause — they never tell you about the root cause! You never hear the “big picture” on the evening news; whether the news is about E. Coli or about the possibility of cell phones causing cancer. Confusion rules … Continue reading

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