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Pesticides are “Obesogenic”— New word from Mark Bittman

Did you know that exposure to pesticides in pregnant women may increase the tendency that their children will be obese? That’s what Mark Bittman had to say about their obesogenic qualities. From his 12-11-12 article (See link below): This reminded … Continue reading

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The nasty business of eating chickens and eggs

E. Coli Found in 48% of Chickens — That was the title of a recent article in the New York Times (see link below). In a world where even vegetarians eat chickens and eggs, this kind of news will … Continue reading

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Dioxin, PCBs, DDT—and Fast Food

What are you feeding your children? In a short video below, Dr. Michael Greger tells us all about the “toxic soup” found in many of our popular fast “foods.” The data from the EPA shows that for a Big Mac … Continue reading

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