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Re-inventing Nutritional Science. First step is “Un-Learning.”

Even the best and brightest still think there’s a “need” for animal protein. This blog was inspired by a New York Times article entitled, “Breeding the nutrition out of our food.” (Jo Robinson, 5-25-13, see link below). Her article got … Continue reading

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Money, integrity, science—and the search for the truth about food

Two days ago, I posted a blog entitled, “How many PhDs does it take to figure out what we should eat?” Then yesterday, I published one featuring the fact that President Bill Clinton has chosen to ignore the collective conventional wisdom … Continue reading

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How many PhDs does it take to figure out what we should eat?

With thousands working on it already; maybe we should challenge their methodology of study—because what they’re telling us is not working. Three articles caught my attention this week and my immediate reaction was to blog about each one of them … Continue reading

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