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Multi-vitamins for preventing cancer? Give me a break!

Great news for Pfizer’s Centrum — Great disservice for the public In the New York Times, the story began: “After a series of conflicting reports about whether vitamin pills can stave off chronic disease, researchers announced on Wednesday that a … Continue reading

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Don’t waste your $$ on Vitamin C supplements…

Especially, if you expect them to prevent the common cold. With flu and cold season fast approaching, an article in the San Francisco Chronicle caught my eye and inspired this post. For the first 58 years of my life, I had … Continue reading

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Pfizer and Glaxo—both on the hot seat…

…for lying and cheating while marketing their toxic products From the claims made by Pfizer, it would seem like their Centrum brand of vitamins works like a wonder drug and will take care of all of your problems. That’s because … Continue reading

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Calcium & Vitamin D supplements deemed ineffective

Some of the authorities are finally getting it right… …at least when it comes to supplements. They still haven’t gotten it right about dairy, but this is a pretty good start. This story has been all over the news for … Continue reading

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Playing it “safe” with vitamin supplements? Think again!

Not only are those supplements not helping; they may be causing problems. Chances are the average American can name only four or five nutrients: protein, calcium, omega-3, vitamin C and Vitamin D. And, for the most part, they’re getting those … Continue reading

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Omega-3, sodium & potassium—Think ratios

We’re eating too much of the bad stuff and not enough of the good. Happy New Year! A recent study reported in the New York Times (see link below this post) focused on the dangerously high sodium to potassium ratios … Continue reading

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Vitamin D in the wintertime. What to do in northern areas?

It’s that time of year in New England; not much sunshine and too cold to get much of it on your body. So what do we do about Vitamin D? While many of the experts disagree on the topic of … Continue reading

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