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Multi-vitamins for preventing cancer? Give me a break!

Great news for Pfizer’s Centrum — Great disservice for the public In the New York Times, the story began: “After a series of conflicting reports about whether vitamin pills can stave off chronic disease, researchers announced on Wednesday that a … Continue reading

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Don’t waste your $$ on Vitamin C supplements…

Especially, if you expect them to prevent the common cold. With flu and cold season fast approaching, an article in the San Francisco Chronicle caught my eye and inspired this post. For the first 58 years of my life, I had … Continue reading

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Pfizer and Glaxo—both on the hot seat…

…for lying and cheating while marketing their toxic products From the claims made by Pfizer, it would seem like their Centrum brand of vitamins works like a wonder drug and will take care of all of your problems. That’s because … Continue reading

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