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Being human is becoming a treatable “condition.”

Leading us to believe that if we’re not taking some drug, we’re not “human” This blog is all about confusion, confusion and more confusion. An article in the New York Times caught my attention last week. It was entitled Diagnosis: … Continue reading

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Weight-loss pills. Miracle solution or just more confusion?

I’m betting on the latter. Now that we have two new weight-loss drugs after a 13-year hiatus, what is the medical community saying about who should take them, for how long, at what cost, what results can be expected and … Continue reading

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Pfizer and Glaxo—both on the hot seat…

…for lying and cheating while marketing their toxic products From the claims made by Pfizer, it would seem like their Centrum brand of vitamins works like a wonder drug and will take care of all of your problems. That’s because … Continue reading

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Reducing medications; with help from Dr. McDougall

How do you explain what you’re doing to your doctor? For most of us who’ve been eating mostly whole plants for a few years, we take zero medications and very few supplements. But what about the transition? What if you’re … Continue reading

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MacStatin with your burger? You have got to be kidding.

Safety Alerts Cite Cholesterol Drugs’ Side Effects—NY Times (2-28-12) A few days ago, I blogged about a news story revealing that statin drugs are at least as effective as stents for treating coronary artery disease. Study shows that statins out-perform stents—NY Times. … Continue reading

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Your Viagra and Lipitor not working so well?

The crazy new game of Pharmaceutical Russian Roulette Counterfeit drugs have taken pharmaceutical madness to a whole new level. This past Sunday (3-13-11) on 60-Minutes, there was a pretty scary story about the prevalence of fake drugs in the marketplace. … Continue reading

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