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Meat Causes Cancer Story. The Good News and the Bad News…

About the most important topic in the history of humanity Our food choices in the 21st century. Why are they more important than world peace, motherhood, football, baseball or apple pie? Because our future as a species is riding on those … Continue reading

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Ice Buckets, E-Cigs, & the lack of focus on the “vital few”

Perennial lack of clarity and the never-ending bombardment of confusion That’s my definition of the NEWS and just about every other form of human activity. And that’s why we never solve our most serious problems, because all of our attention is … Continue reading

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What does “doing what’s right” mean to Apple’s Tim Cook?

A world-changing appeal from one Auburn industrial engineer to another Tim Cook and I both graduated from Auburn University as industrial engineers—I in 1968 and he fourteen years later. We both earned MBAs and we both went on to careers in the … Continue reading

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Foreword to our book—by T. Colin Campbell and son Nelson

For the last few days of my 737 daily streak, I want to revisit our book, Healthy Eating, Healthy World. While driving to Ithaca this past week to work with Dr. Campbell, I decided to listen to our book on Audio, … Continue reading

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Heart Disease—All you need to know on one page

Just say NO to Heart Disease! (3 powerful videos) If you want to get rid of your heart disease without surgery or if you want to make your children “heart attack proof” for their entire lives, you’ve found the right … Continue reading

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Does being fat make you live longer? (Blog # 700)

That’s the question the average consumer is now confused about. —My 700th consecutive daily blog— No doubt you’ve heard the news story about obesity not being as deadly as we thought. With uncanny timing at the beginning of “diet and … Continue reading

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Good News = Complacency = One Sick Nation

Having a positive attitude is good. Having your head in the sand is not. The New York Times source article cited below caught my attention last week. It was entitled, “Heart Disease in Military Shows Steep Drop Since Korean War.” … Continue reading

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