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How worried are you about GMOs?

I don’t like what I hear, but there are many unknowns. And I guess that’s why I don’t blog about them very often. Just this week, a reader asked me a question that inspired this blog. Much of what I … Continue reading

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Pesticides are “Obesogenic”— New word from Mark Bittman

Did you know that exposure to pesticides in pregnant women may increase the tendency that their children will be obese? That’s what Mark Bittman had to say about their obesogenic qualities. From his 12-11-12 article (See link below): This reminded … Continue reading

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“The World According to Monsanto” (a documentary)

2008 French Documentary—banned in the USA until now What about genetically modified organisms (GMO) in our food supply? What do they mean for our health? What do they mean for our planet? These are good questions that deserve a lot … Continue reading

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