Ending the madness — Staph bacteria commonplace in meat

Staph likely in three billion food animals per year — in the USA (47%)

Santa delivers dead bird on a plate -- complete with cholesterol and saturated fat -- along with a 77% chance of a little staph bacteria as a bonus.

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us and before you rush out to buy your Christmas turkey, you may wish to review this informative video (3 minutes) by Dr. Michael Greger. He reports on a study conducted in May of 2011 regarding the frequency of staph bacteria in various kinds of meat in the USA.

While none of our meats are “staph free,” guess which one scored the worst? Turkey — with an incredible score of 77%. Yes, if you’re planning to eat turkey this Christmas, you have almost eight chances in ten of getting one containing staph bacteria.

How about a definition of staph? a bacterium of a genus that includes many pathogenic kinds that cause pus formation, esp. in the skin and mucous membranes.

For more of Dr. Greger’s superior reporting, visit his website at nutritionfacts.org.

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4-Leaf Thanksgiving; “Harmony hike” + healthy feast-to-remember

Merry Christmas from Violet, my youngest granddaughter, who lives in Atlanta, GA. This is her third Christmas.

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—J. Morris Hicks…blogging daily at HealthyEatingHealthyWorld.com

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About J. Morris Hicks

A former strategic management consultant and senior corporate executive with Ralph Lauren in New York, J. Morris Hicks has always focused on the "big picture" when analyzing any issue. In 2002, after becoming curious about our "optimal diet," he began a study of what we eat from a global perspective ---- discovering many startling issues and opportunities along the way. In addition to an MBA and a BS in Industrial Engineering, he holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, where he has also been a member of the board of directors since 2012. Having concluded that our food choices hold the key to the sustainability of our civilization, he has made this his #1 priority---exploring all avenues for influencing humans everywhere to move back to the natural plant-based diet for our species.
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2 Responses to Ending the madness — Staph bacteria commonplace in meat

  1. Bill Kranker says:


    A few years ago I did a little research on bacteria and found, in simple terms, that it only will exist where it’s food is present. This is why a healthy person is generally not affected by it. It may also explain why so much of the livestock is. The livestock grown for food is generally raised in a very unhealthy environment and thus the animals are usually really sick thus providing ample food for the bacteria. If you have a chance look into information on the evidence against the germ theory and Louis Pasteur. It is quite enlightening.

    Also, this is a little off topic, but I just watched the video Digestion Made Simple by Dr. Claper from vegsource.com. That was very enlightening too. A must watch for understanding how our body processes food.

    Have an excellent day!!


  2. Hello Jim
    Alarming statistics for Staff bacteria.
    A few comments on this. I felt like i was in a Masters Program of Biology when listening to this video. Also it never said directly “What does this bacteria that causes Staff” really do to someone. Also after all these years why are we hearing about it now. This needs to come out in a more laymans terminology format and also comparison to healthy eating. Does staff exist in that as well in low amounts. Anyway keep up the good work.

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