Eating 4-Leaf for “vibrant health” — with weight-loss as a bonus

Earlier this week, Google was using a magnificent 4-Leaf-looking logo AND, on the same day, we received a fabulous progress-report from one of our clients in the Boston area. It was a great day for our team here at Healthy Eating — Healthy World and And, in case you missed that plant-based Google logo…

My son and co-writer, Jason, began working with Dr. Hurley this past December. From Day One, Jason insisted that the primary goal of our 4-Leaf Program was to enable our clients to achieve “Vibrant Health.”

Brian and his wife just before beginning the 4-Leaf Program

Now, about seven months later, Dr. Hurley has done just that. He reported his progress yesterday beginning with a few words about his hospital’s annual summer party.

Fortunately my partner’s wife made sure that there were plenty of 4-Leaf options for me to have throughout our day. She created a salad bar that had options for everyone and a huge fruit platter. Of course, there was plenty of the Western diet to suit the needs of our team. My favorite of the day was the grilled watermelon she made. It was absolutely delicious. I had to laugh because a few of my team members were astonished how much I ate before heading to the pond for swimming, then watched as I continued to consume food when I returned. I told them it was ok. This is how I eat all the time.

During the party, a few people talked to me about what I was doing to lose weight. When asked, I enjoy explaining my 4-Leaf lifestyle choice. I always begin by stating that my goal is to achieve “Vibrant Health,” and that the weight loss is an added benefit. For many years, my body was heavier than it was meant to be, and this change is enabling my body to achieve its ideal weight.

We’ve had lengthy discussions on dietary choices and why those choices are important. I also point out that I no longer worry about calorie intake, just making the right dietary choices. It took a while for my friends, co-workers and family to “get it,” but now most of them have accepted what I am doing, and very rarely do I get asked anymore if I there is something wrong.

Dr. Hurley shown here a few months ago

On March 21, 2011, I commented here about reaching my lowest weight since I was 15 years old at 177 pounds (31 lb weight loss). Little did I know at the time that my effortless weight-loss would continue.

That’s because I made the decision back in December 2010 to commit to the 4 leaf program for life — not just as a way to lose weight. As of today, I feel incredible and while the scale number is not the goal of this lifestyle change, I am proud to say that I am now 163 pounds (a totally unexpected 45 lb weight loss).

My next marker will be when I return for follow up blood work in September. Here’s to achieving, and more importantly maintaining, VIBRANT HEALTH!!

J. Morris Hicks and J. Stanfield Hicks, authors and 4-Leaf coaches -- both doing our best to "make a difference."

Nov. 7, 2011 update. Just received this note from Dr. Hurley today, announcing that his wife Dawn had recently made the decision to join him on the 4-Leaf Program. He writes:

Hi Jim,  After talking with Jason (your son), I was reminded I made the decision to start eating the 4-Leaf lifestyle at Thanksgiving 2010. As you have documented on your blog, I started at 208 pounds at that time. I started with the goal of weight loss but learned the change was truly about achieving Vibrant Health. I have more than succeeded in the goal of vibrant health and today my weight is maintaining at 161 lbs.

Last month, Dawn and I were attending a wedding. Later, when looking at pictures, she told me that she was ready to completely adopt the 4 Leaf lifestyle. My daughter and she have supported me since day one and made my transition easy. While their eating habits improved, they were more lax in eating at the 4 Leaf level. Upon our return from the wedding, Dawn asked me to help her reach the 4 Leaf level and I was ready to help her gain vibrant health. (I have stated before that someone needs to be committed to making a lifestyle change!)

Today, she has been eating 4 Leaf for three weeks. She feels great and as a bonus, has lost 8 lbs. she is well on her way and I am excited to watch her get healthy!! Jason joked by asking, “What is with the Hurley’s choosing the hardest time of the year to start–the HOLIDAYS?” My reply, if you can do it then, the rest is a walk in the park. The best time to start is when you are committed to improving your health and there is no time like the present!!!

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  1. Marleen Govaert - Nauts says:

    Thanks for sharing this success story with us. I wish I could also shed some weight. No luck so far!

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