Food allergies rising among children — says study

Big Story On the NBC Evening News AND in USA Today

How can we expect to not have food allergies when 95% of Americans are eating nowhere near the natural diet for our species? So it comes as no great surprise when you hear about food allergies — among children. At the same time, we know that American youth are are suffering record levels of obesity and type 2 diabetes. And why is that? For the same reason that their parents are experiencing record levels of the same things. From a 6-20-2011 USA Today article by Leslie Smith, Jr (See link below):

Food allergies affect about one in 13 U.S. children, double the latest government estimate, a new study suggests…The researchers say about 40 percent of them have severe reactions — a finding they hope will erase misconceptions that food allergies are just like hay fever and other seasonal allergies that are troublesome but not dangerous…Overall, 8 percent of the children studied had food allergies; peanuts and milk were the most common sources. That translates to nearly 6 million U.S. children.

Just pulled this one off the internet at random this morning; doesn't matter which one you choose, they all have the same garbage on them.

It seems that the only group of people who eat a worse diet than American adults is their own children. What’s the first thing you think of if you hear “kids menu?” If you said anything other than chicken nuggets, burgers/fries or mac & cheese; you’re kidding yourself. I’ve been doing an informal survey looking at kids menus in restaurants across the land for the past few years. There are ZERO healthy foods on 90% of those menus.

My estimate is that children get less than 5% of their calories from whole plants — even less than their parents. We included an analysis of the most popular kids menu items in our book and it was a mighty grim picture. Then, along with a sugary soda or cow’s milk as a beverage, the poor, helpless children simply don’t have a chance. More from the article…

…Some people mistake food intolerances for food allergies. For instance, many people are lactose intolerant, meaning they can’t properly digest milk. That can cause bloating and digestive problems, but not an allergic reaction…Typical signs of a true food allergy include skin rashes, wheezing, tightness in the throat or difficulty breathing.

When we all fail to eat anything remotely close to the natural diet for our species, we can simply expect that there will be problems. But rather than helping people understand what they should be eating to promote health, our health care “system” spends all their time and money addressing the plethora of problems that are driven by our toxic diet. And that’s why we spend $2.7 trillion on “disease care” in this country.

Just yesterday a friend asked me if I knew of any nutritional tips to deal with arthritis. This was my response.

Dear Linda, It turns out that when people eat close to the natural diet for our species, that many of their maladies of the past simply disappear. For arthritis, I recommend that you visit my friend John McDougall’s (M.D.) website. He has observed many successful reversals of arthritis. Here’s one.

If you start eating consistently at the 4-Leaf level of our 4-Leaf Program, I can almost guarantee that you will notice some dramatic improvements in your overall health. As Dr. Campbell has always said, “there is no special dietary regimen for each and every condition;” The natural diet for our species (whole plants) simply promotes health and eliminates most our problems in the process.

What a fabulous way to start my day! Blogging at the Dog Watch Cafe with my fresh coffee from the Yellow House.

Back to the children. Whose fault is it that they are eating the wrong food and suffering with record high levels of obesity, type 2 diabetes and food allergies? It’s certainly not their fault. As a parent, you’re the only chance they’ve got. If you don’t help show them the way, they will not find it on their own.

Unfortunately our health care “system” is not going to provide you with much help in your quest to feed your children healthy food. As everyone knows, the “system” is still promoting cow’s milk as a healthy food for humans, while science has shown that it is loaded with casein, a powerful carcinogen. See my earlier post on that topic.

No cow’s milk for humans at any age…even Dr. Spock agrees

Another great view from my perch this AM -- my friends Jennie and Blake's red sailboat, as the Amtrak Acela makes its way through the background -- on her way to New York City.

There is one place that you can find some help; it is my friend Joel Fuhrman’s great book, entitled Disease Proof Your Child. It was the book that inspired my son to clean out his kitchen of all the “toxic foods” in an effort to protect his four children. Order that book today from Amazon, read it and heed it…for the sake of your children. As with my son, your own diet and health may even get better as a fringe benefit.

In closing, what can be more important than what we feed our children? To help you answer that question, you might enjoy reading my 7-1-11 post on that topic: Children — NOTHING is more important than what they eat!

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—J. Morris Hicks…blogging daily at

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Study says 1 in 13 U.S. children have food allergy –

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  1. I saw this report last night on national news. The goal was to desensitize these children to the foods they were allergic to. One little girl was allergic to dairy so they began to reintroduce the dairy back into her diet in a controlled amount, gradually, so she wouldn’t react. Eventually, she was able to eat cheese and able to eat her favorite food – cheese pizza! The little girl was so excited with her therapy because she was hoping that in the future she would be able to eat anything she wanted. I can see why desensitizing children may be the goal of the therapy, just in case they come into contact with the food they don’t go into an anaphylactic reaction. But with foods, such as dairy, the young girl would be better off never eating it again! What a shame the goal is to get her to the point where she can eat anything she wants!

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