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Colon Cancer—third disease in my new alphabetical listing

Welcome to the third PAGE of my new Diseases section of this site. It’s a sad situation when we have to spend $60 billion a year in this country to screen for a disease (colon cancer) that should never have … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on the Queen, “Sixty years on the throne?”

“Get that woman some fiber!” That was his opening line on the June 4 show. Even the comedians know something that our medical doctors and schools of nutrition seem to have forgotten—we need a lot of fiber in our diet. … Continue reading

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Childhood constipation, another sad, food-driven story

Mis-use of adult laxative for children—just the tip of the iceberg Last week, the New York Times ran a story about one adult laxative, Miralax, that was routinely being given to children. In the lengthy article (See link below), I … Continue reading

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