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Don’t want to be obese? Try moving to the city.

“Rural living could be an obesity risk factor.” That was the headline of a 9-14-12 article in the Los Angeles Times. Here we go again—talking about risk factors—more “confusion over clarity.” In a previous blog, I wrote about the fact that … Continue reading

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Obesity—now threatening the future of the planet

According to new study, Tackling population fatness may be critical to world food security and ecological sustainability. Now that should get your attention. As we pointed out clearly in Part II of our book, what you eat affects a lot … Continue reading

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HBO Special Bottom Line—Confusion over Clarity

How is the average viewer to know what to believe? With so much emphasis on portion control, counting calories, eating lean cuts of meat, gastric bypass surgery, and the like—how is the average citizen supposed to glean some truly helpful … Continue reading

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HBO Obesity Special: How important is the messenger?

Let’s just say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” HBO’s “The Weight of the Nation,” starts on May 14; the entire documentary will air over a two day period next week: May 14 an 15. Don’t have HBO? You’re … Continue reading

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“The Weight of the Nation” HBO Special — A Preview

A grave situation for sure Last week, I blogged about a new HBO documentary that will begin airing on May 14. After mentioning in that blog that I didn’t have HBO, one of my readers (who chooses to remain anonymous) … Continue reading

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Do you have a “family history” of heavy or obese people?

Then you probably also have a family history of eating the wrong food. In the April 30 issue of USA Today (See link below), there was an article about a new four-part HBO documentary—The Weight of the Nation—that will begin … Continue reading

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Is obesity the new normal? And whose fault is it?

Mainstream media’s take on obesity—the new normal? In Frank Bruni’s opinion column earlier this week in the New York Times (see link below), he actually suggested that it is surprising that more of us are not obese already. That’s because, … Continue reading

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