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Pomp, Circumstance and Beyond–“You’ve got to find what you love.”

But you don’t have to find it today. In June of 2005, Steve Jobs delivered his famous “You’ve got to find what you love” speech at Stanford University. A video and full text of that speech can be found under … Continue reading

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“Alternative” Cancer Remedies

Are not taken seriously by mainstream medicine And they won’t EVER be taken seriously until there are a sufficient number of credible, peer-reviewed, randomized clinical trials supporting their efficacy for treating cancer. Even then, it will be a difficult road … Continue reading

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Hillary describes Bill as “open-minded vegan” to Colbert

To end the confusion about the former president’s diet I never thought that I would hear Secretary Clinton use the word “vegan” to describe the diet of anyone in her family–certainly not until after the election. Because, as I have … Continue reading

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