4Leaf Survey—for estimating your 4Leaf level…

…without counting calories or computing percentages.

4Leaf App for Smart Phones—The First Step. Since creating the 4Leaf concept two years ago, we have known that we would eventually want to have a handy app for helping people get the most out of their new 4Leaf lifestyle. And from the get-go, one of the must-haves was a simple and easy tool for determining approximately where someone stood on our scale—from NoLeaf to 4Leaf. 

And today, we’re asking for your help in developing that tool. We invite you to take our simple survey and email us the results. Then, depending on the volume received, we promise to email your score back to you within a few days—along with two 4Leaf charts that will help explain the results and help you improve your score. After you receive your survey score from us, we welcome your feedback, comments, suggestions, etc.

It’s TIME to start developing our 4Leaf App—and you can help.

Keeping it simple as always. This post is all about estimating your level of eating on the 4Leaf scale without counting calories. And this is something that we’ve been thinking about for a long time.

We’re in the process of creating a quick and easy way to determine your approximate level of eating by answering ten easy “yes or no” questions. Later, after validating our scale, we’ll include something like this questionnaire in our 4Leaf App that we hope to develop soon.

But right now, we need your help to get started.

Simplicity is paramount. We like to think of 4Leaf as a concept, a mentality, an attitude or a state of mind—-not an agonizing and never-ending chore of counting calories. I have felt for a long time that trying to calculate the exact percentage of calories from whole plants would be nearly impossible for most of us. And it would drive many people away.

What ARE you eating? From the beginning, we have stressed that the 4Leaf Program is all about what you ARE eating, not what you’re avoiding. And we also have maintained that 4Leaf should never require the routine counting of calories.

Now, we have concluded that if we ask the right questions and have the right algorithm that we can easily estimate approximately where you currently stand on the 4Leaf scale.

This was my GREEN lunch on 3-8-12; just before heating it in microwave and adding sliced tomato, olive and avocado. Loved it.

And this simple and easy method may very well turn out to be even more accurate than asking people to try counting all those calories. Today, we’re asking for your help in this first step of developing our future 4Leaf App.

Specifically,  I need these three items: 

  1. Please answer the following ten “yes or no” questions—and send me your answers.(See list of questions below—and please be honest.)
  2. Also, tell me the estimated percent of your average total daily calories that you think are derived from whole plants, still in Nature’s package?______%
  3. Regarding your response to question #2; have you ever actually measured that percentage for a few days? (Yes or No)

With the word, “Survey” in the subject line please email your responses to me at: jim@4leafprogram.com. Please include your name, sex and return email address if you would like—but it is not required.

Also, if possible, please administer this survey to others and submit their responses to all the questions as well.

The Survey—What ARE you eating? Ten “Yes or No” Questions.

Whole Plants, 4Leaf and Simple Health for you and the planet

  1. Do you eat 3 or more servings of fresh fruit almost every day?
  2. On most days, do you eat any foods made with white flour?
  3. Do you eat 2 or more servings of whole grains almost every day? (oatmeal, brown rice, etc.)
  4. Do you eat any cheese or yogurt at least once a week?
  5. Do you eat one or more servings of whole beans/legumes almost every day?
  6. Do you eat a few walnuts or ground flaxseeds 3 or more times each week?
  7. Do ANY of your “routine” meals include meat, chicken or fish?
  8. Do you use any milk or eggs in foods that you prepare at home? 
  9. Do you eat 3 or more servings of whole vegetables almost every day?
  10. Do you use any oil (including olive), added sugar or table-salt in some of the foods that you prepare at home?

Scoring your survey. After receiving your responses, we will use our algorithm to estimate where you stand among the following six levels of our 4Leaf scale:

  • 4Leaf (80% to 100% of your calories from whole plants)  Est. 1% of USA
  • 3Leaf (60% to 79% of your calories from whole plants)———2%
  • 2Leaf (40% to 59% of your calories from whole plants)———3%
  • 1Leaf (20% to 39% of your calories from whole plants)———4%
  • Trying (10 to 19% of your calories from whole plants)———-25%
  • The S.A.D.*  (Less than 10% of calories from whole plants)—65%

*The Standard American Diet—meat & dairy three meals a day

With the word, “Survey” in the subject line please email your responses to me at: jim@4leafprogram.com. Please include your name, sex and return email address if you would like—but it is not required.

Also, if possible, please administer this survey to others and submit their responses to all the questions as well.

Bear in mind that even our 1Leaf level is pretty darn healthy when you compare it to the typical Western diet. As a 1Leaf-er, you’d be getting around 30% of your calories from whole plants—about five times as many as the average American.

For the record, even the 4Leaf level is not necessarily vegan or vegetarian—although we never recommend that you include any animal products in your diet. And if you choose to routinely include them in your diet, you’ll have a tough time achieving and maintaining the 4Leaf level. We encourage you to adopt the level that is right for you and your family—meaning one that you can stick with.

Analysis and feedback? I have already set up a spreadsheet for recording and analyzing all of your responses. When finished, I will give you some feedback and will include our determination of where you fall on our 4Leaf scale.

We know that everyone may not care about reaching the 4Leaf level of eating. But, for those who do, we think that this incredibly simple tool will help.

The emerging Lifestyle Choice of health-seeking people everywhere

Eureka moment. We have been searching for an easy way to estimate the percent of calories from whole plants for a long time and got the idea for this survey approach from watching one of Dr. Walter Veith’s videos a few weeks ago. His most powerful video is included under our Video tab, it is entitled Udderly Amazingand you can guess what it’s all about.

The Bottom Line. This simple survey is consistent with our commitment to helping you achieve vibrant health by focusing on improving what you ARE eating—without having to count calories or measure portions. Looking forward to hearing from you and…

Thank you in advance for your help!

The overall results of this initial survey will be presented in a future post.

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J. Morris Hicks, working daily to promote health, hope and harmony on planet Earth.

From the seaside village of Stonington, Connecticut – Be well and have a great day.

—J. Morris Hicks…blogging daily at HealthyEatingHealthyWorld.com

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A former strategic management consultant and senior corporate executive with Ralph Lauren in New York, J. Morris Hicks has always focused on the "big picture" when analyzing any issue. In 2002, after becoming curious about our "optimal diet," he began a study of what we eat from a global perspective ---- discovering many startling issues and opportunities along the way. In addition to an MBA and a BS in Industrial Engineering, he holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, where he has also been a member of the board of directors since 2012. Having concluded that our food choices hold the key to the sustainability of our civilization, he has made this his #1 priority---exploring all avenues for influencing humans everywhere to move back to the natural plant-based diet for our species.
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