2 words for health beats 1,083 words for “miracle diet.”

Whole Plants!

AP article uses 1083 words and simply adds to the confusion.

But we use the magic two words—Whole Plants. Not only do those two words result in delivering your body’s ideal weight, they also promote vibrant health, reverse chronic disease, and end the grossly wasteful, damaging, cruel and unsustainable Western diet of meat, dairy, eggs, white flour, sugar, salt and fat three meals a day.

They say obesity runs in the family—so do unhealthy diets that cause obesity.

The 1083-word article by Matthew Perrone (see link below to 2-24-11 article) begins by tracing the history of “miracle” pills in the United States. Here’s the worst case ever:

Perhaps the worst diet pill safety debacle came in the 1990s and involved the combination of phentermine and another weight loss drug marketed by Wyeth called fenfluramine. The combination of the two pills, dubbed fen-phen, was never approved by the FDA. But because the agency doesn’t regulate doctors’ decisions about prescribing various combinations of drugs, more than 18 million fen-phen prescriptions were written by 1996.

One year later, studies suggested that up to a third of patients taking fen-phen experienced heart valve damage. In 1997, Wyeth was forced to recall two versions of fenfluramine and eventually paid more than $13 billion to settle tens of thousands of personal injury lawsuits.

The article went on to say that “Most drugmakers now are focusing on medications that block brain signals associated with food craving and appetite. Vivus’ Qnexa is one of a trio of drugs seeking FDA approval. The diet pill, which was initially rejected due to the risks of heart palpitations and other safety issues, is a combination of two older drugs.”

So we now have more than 75 million obese adults in the United States and more people are joining this not-so-exclusive club everyday. Meanwhile scientists have been struggling to create that magic diet pill for nearly a century, according to the article. Don’t become dependent on these pills and if you need to, seek the advice of great drug rehab facilities for guidance.

Obesity has become the new norm. I will be traveling to Georgia and Alabama next week and am sure that I will be seeing a lot more obesity than I usually see here in CT. Oh, we have plenty of obesity here, but not so much in the little seaside village of Stonington that I call home. But I always notice it more when I travel—in the airports, on the planes, on the car rental bus and in other public places. And I always feel sorry for the people—because I really don’t think that their obesity is their fault. How so?

Because the average American is confused—and becomes more confused everyday. And the people that we would normally rely on to clear up the confusion are letting us down—our doctors, scientists, food companies, pharmaceutical companies and media. With a mountain of scientific and clinical evidence supporting the whole foods, plant-based diet for humans—that word is simply not being communicated.

Lisle and Goldhamer’s book which I highly recommend

In Chapter 1 in our book, we explained how most humans in the Western world of the 21st century are the victim of what Doug Lisle and Alan Goldhamer refer to as the “Pleasure Trap.” They are referring to a phenomenon whereby all creatures follow a motivational triad in their lives—seeking pleasure, avoiding pain and conserving energy. So we’re naturally attracted to calorically-dense foods, but until recently, those foods weren’t available in great quantities. From Chapter 1 in our book… 

Animal foods that were eaten only on rare, festive occasions gradually became more available—so much so that by the end of that century, the typical Western diet provided several forms of animal foods at almost every meal.

So when your child says that he prefers pizza to broccoli, he is just following his natural motivational triad. He doesn’t yet know that cheese-laden pizza is not good for his health; he just knows that he likes it. This is what the “pleasure trap” is all about. We’re following our natural instinct to seek pleasure, but we’re exercising this instinct in an unnatural world—a world full of unhealthy choices everywhere we go.

The article goes on to chronicle the past 100 years of fruitless efforts to solve obesity problem with a pill. One example took place in the ‘50s and ‘60s according to the article. “Amphetamines became popular drugs because they boost metabolism and suppress appetite. But the pills proved to be highly addictive, and doctors discovered they increase blood pressure and heart rate. The amphetamine phentermine is approved for short-term weight loss, usually less than 12 weeks, though it is seldom prescribed because of the potential for addiction.”

Leveraging the simple, yet powerful concept of maximizing the percent of your calories from whole plant-based foods. For vibrant health and effortless weight-loss.

The article quotes many of today’s experts in this 1083-word article, but apparently none of those experts have read The China Study. Because not one of them in the article recommend what Esselsytn, Campbell, McDougall, Fuhrman, Barnard and Ornish know to be true…

If one eats a near optimal diet of over 80% of their calories coming from whole plants—in addition to taking charge of their own health, their bodies will gradually seek their ideal weight.

(See AP article beneath my signature)


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J. Morris Hicks, working daily to promote health, hope and harmony on planet Earth.

From the seaside village of Stonington, Connecticut – Be well and have a great day.

—J. Morris Hicks…blogging daily at HealthyEatingHealthyWorld.com

Miracle diet pill? A safe drug is elusive | Associated Press (published 2-24-12)

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4 Responses to 2 words for health beats 1,083 words for “miracle diet.”

  1. genxgemini says:

    Thanks for another great post! Pills are TOXIC – all of them. I am shocked by how many Americans take a daily prescription (or prescriptions!), and think this is the way they have to live – for the rest of their lives! They put blind faith in the authority of these doctors, and it’s scary. For example, a doctor has prescribed blood pressure medicine to my husband who is only in his 30s. I asked my husband if the doctor talked to him about his diet and what he could do to lower his blood pressure naturally. Of course he didn’t! I asked my husband how long he would have to take these pills (I’m against him taking them), and he shrugged, “I don’t know. Forever?” MADDENING. It is crazy to me that people think they could or should take a pill to lose weight. The solution is so simple: EAT MORE PLANTS! Cut out animal foods and processed foods! Thanks again for your blog. I love it!

  2. Denise Welsh says:

    Just a note. In the news this morning it was announced that people who want to have a seat on the ferries to/from Martha Vineyard or Nantucket will have purchase tickets early this summer season. The ferry lines are reducing the amount of passengers they are boarding by 80. “This is because of the growing waistlines of passengers.” It was said the ferry lines are limited by weight restrictions.

    Ok, then…..

    As Sal would say “Eat more Broccoli”…..

  3. huracan says:


    May your travel be pleasant, and may you be seated next to other plant eaters, so you can have some room to relax!

  4. And the beat goes on!

    In my gym class we have about thirty senior participants. twenty eight are either overweight or obese and seventeen of them are diabetic. And yet they all lay claim to eating a healthy diet.

    In the year I have been attending not one has lost a pound. Exercising four times a week and not a pound lost. Amazing.

    The group is made up of different racial and ethnic groups. Surprisingly, even the Asian members are overweight.

    What do these seniors eat?

    1. Animals
    2. Dairy with lots of butter and cheese
    3. Oil, especially olive.
    4. White flour products
    5. Soda
    6. And supermarket garbage

    Whole plant foods? What’s that?

    And the beat goes on!

    Sal Liggieri

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