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Atkins, South Beach, Dukan—now “The Paleo Diet”

For all the meat lovers of the world Once again, Dr. John McDougall (as he has been doing for years) does a thorough job of reporting on topics affecting our health. In his June newsletter (See link below), he reported … Continue reading

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Earning a living as a health coach can be difficult…

…if you teach your clients exactly how to take charge of their health. That’s because they will soon no longer need you. A Google search for “certified health coach” yields over ten million results. The first two are the Institute … Continue reading

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Two new ‘magic bullets’ for obesity—after 13 years

Just in time for the HBO ‘Obesity Documentary‘ First there was Qnexa (by Vivus) and now there is Lorcaserin (by Arena) and both are targeted for release to the public this summer. This past week (5-10-12), an FDA advisory committee … Continue reading

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2 words for health beats 1,083 words for “miracle diet.”

Whole Plants! AP article uses 1083 words and simply adds to the confusion. But we use the magic two words—Whole Plants. Not only do those two words result in delivering your body’s ideal weight, they also promote vibrant health, reverse … Continue reading

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In the quest for “vibrant health,” weight-loss is just a bonus.

What to measure? We have begun conducting “4Leaf Challenges” for clients such as businesses, clubs or churches. The challenge consists of a group of ten participants who agree to eat at the 4Leaf level (over 80% of their daily calories … Continue reading

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Effortless weight-loss — on the “4-Leaf” road to vibrant health

Losing weight is much easier — when your primary goal is vibrant health. While we don’t recommend “weight-loss goals” as such, we do acknowledge that your body will naturally seek its ideal weight if you make a permanent commitment to … Continue reading

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Holiday Eating. Gaining weight or losing? It’s your choice.

Today (11-7-11) — the ideal time to begin your quest for vibrant health. Once again, Dr. Greger has provided us with a close look at a scientific report on the topic of BMI scores that are associated with various diet-styles. … Continue reading

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