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Dr. Oz—Occasionally a lifesaving truth; but not very often

This 2010 Oz Show segment with Dr. Ornish is outstanding. Why do I say occasionally? Because being in the “entertainment” business requires that he devote many of his daily shows to fad diets and other oddities that simply add to … Continue reading

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Much-needed medical “clarity”—featuring Dr. Scott Stoll

Helpful information from my 7-day health immersion experience Always talking about making every bite count, Dr. Stoll’s approach begins with the premise that “food is the foundation of good health.” In his opening lecture last week, he told the story … Continue reading

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A no-nonsense medical doctor—that simply heals people

One of the highlights of Dr. Stoll’s Seven-Day Immersion Program Last week, I attended a seven-day Total Health Immersion in Naples, Florida—as a guest of Tom Dunnam, president of the organization. The event is one of many that are conducted throughout … Continue reading

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Getting off the medical testing merry-go-round

Just saying NO to testing (most of the time) How much testing is needed? It depends on who you ask. My ideal number of tests each year is zero—and that goes for both kinds of medical tests: routine screening and diagnostic … Continue reading

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Reversing diabetes. Mainstream medicine still not listening.

How many times must I post this same story? This is the 17th time. The folks at the American Diabetes Association still do not seem to know that type 2 diabetes can be easily reversed in 95% of the victims—with nothing … Continue reading

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Atkins, Dukan, Paleo. Appealing to our nation’s bad eating habits.

McDougall pleas for unity against the common enemy in the “Diet Wars” At his September 2012 Advanced Study Weekend in Santa Rosa, CA—Dr. John McDougall wrapped up with a lecture entitled “The Diet Wars.” For your convenience, that one-hour lecture … Continue reading

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Arthritis, MS, Lupus & more…a total of 81 success stories

Got a health problem? The right diet for our species just might fix it. Last week, I heard from a good friend who was asking about a specific medical condition from which she was suffering. Since that time, I have … Continue reading

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