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“Patients pay bigger share of health care dollars.

Front Page — Above the Fold — NY Times With a headline like this—Insurers Alter Cost Formula, and Patients Pay More—it’s certainly going to attract a lot of attention. After reading the entire 1000-word plus article, I concluded that it … Continue reading

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Want lower health insurance at work? Get Healthier!

That’s what some employers are now telling their people. What is happening to the cost of health care for employers these days? As you might expect, the cost is going up for all concerned: Take a look at the chart … Continue reading

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Health Insurance $$ up sharply. Wish “Hollywood” could fix it.

Too bad this is not Hollywood, where you can re-make a village overnight. First of all. Happy Birthday “Big Blue!” Our launch party is tonight. As for health insurance; The New York Times just reported this week on the sharply … Continue reading

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