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Diabetes; made in America — or iPhone 5; made in China?

Which “product” is superior? But is diabetes a product? That is the question. SNL aired a spoof about the complaints that some Americans have about the new Chinese-made iPhone 5. (see video below) Three fictitious spokespeople from the tech industry … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on the Queen, “Sixty years on the throne?”

“Get that woman some fiber!” That was his opening line on the June 4 show. Even the comedians know something that our medical doctors and schools of nutrition seem to have forgotten—we need a lot of fiber in our diet. … Continue reading

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“Thinking different” and changing the world…

Aspiring to join the Steve Jobs “crazy ones,” we must think different. And that means turning negatives into opportunities. For example, if you are now eating nearly 100% plant-based, there is one question that you have heard more than all … Continue reading

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