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Mark Bittman getting much tougher on the dairy industry.

And I say Bravo for Mark! During the past few weeks, Mark Bittman has written two articles about milk. The first was his reporting of a personal “test withdrawal” from milk. The second article not only reported on his success … Continue reading

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Trying to take fat and sodium out of cheese…

…Is like trying to take hydrogen and oxygen out of water. Ain’t gonna happen. Nevertheless, we’ve got thousands of scientists in the food industry working on it. While very smart and highly educated, these scientists are all part of the … Continue reading

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“Breast is best.” But what if not possible, then what?

In a 7-23-12 New York Times article, veteran health and wellness columnist Jane E. Brody tackles the delicate topic of breast-feeding for human babies. While almost everyone believes that mother’s “breast is best,” there is a growing amount of controversy … Continue reading

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