GUNS. Another shameful “blinding flash of the obvious.”

The evidence is crystal clear regarding what we should be eating; it’s also crystal clear what we should do about guns in this country.

Weapon NewtownLast week, Charles Blow of the New York Times shared some raw, international data about guns, violence and death in his column. (See chart and link to article below)

Although the article had nothing to do with food, health or the sustainability of the human race, I saved it because the data was so compelling—and it reminded me of another grave situation where we are ignoring the data.

To me, the overwhelming evidence suggests a blinding flash of the obvious solution about guns—get rid of most of them. Similarly, the overwhelming evidence about food suggests the blinding flash of the obvious solution about what we should be eating—whole plants.

Charles M. Blow, New York Times. Scroll down for the data chart and a link to his article.

Charles M. Blow, New York Times. Scroll down for the data chart and a link to his article.

The entire raw data chart about guns, death and violence in the world is shown toward the end of this blog, but first, let’s take a look at just a few numbers. You see, you don’t have to look at many numbers to see that we’ve got it all wrong about guns in the the USA.

  • In Japan, the homicide death by firearm per 100,000 population is 0.0
  • In Australia it’s 0.1, in France it’s 0.1, in Spain it’s 0.2, in Germany it’s 0.2, in Denmark it’s 0.3, in Norway it’s 0.4, in Portugal it’s 0.4, in Canada it’s o.5

In the USA, the comparable number is 3.2

That is 3200 percent higher rate than in Japan, Australia, and France. So here’s the blinding flash of the obvious: we need to study Japan, Australia and France—and then start doing what they’re doing.

How about the # of guns/100 people? In Japan, Australia and France, the average # of guns/100 people = 26. The comparable number in the USA is 88—338 percent higher. In the USA, we have close to one gun per person—more than one each for every adult—if you don’t count the children.

Here’s the way Mr. Blow summed up the situation in his column:

In the wake of the horrible school shooting in Connecticut and on the heels of politicians finally being smoked out into the open to talk seriously about sensible gun control policies, it’s important that we understand just how anomalous America is on the issues of guns and violence among developed countries.

He closed the article with these three words, “It’s just shameful.”

I would use those same three words to describe how our elected officials are doing when it comes to what we’re eating. Just as we bend to the demands of special interests in gun control—we do the same thing when it comes to food. Our USDA dietary guidelines will almost guarantee that you will have heart disease, diabetes and/or cancer within your lifetime.

What could be more shameful than that?

690The Bottom Line. We’re not facing the facts when it comes to gun control and we’re not facing the facts when it comes to our food—and millions of cases of needless disease and death are the result. —My 690th consecutive daily blog—

See links below to source article as well as two of my earlier blogs about the blinding flash of the obvious.

Mr Blow’s final three words bear repeating:

It’s just shameful!

Gun Data

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4 Responses to GUNS. Another shameful “blinding flash of the obvious.”

  1. CJ says:

    Jim, great post, and yes, so disgustingly obvious how we as a country have a serious problem. For me, the Newtown tragedy was so horrible, and so disgusting in how desensitized we have all become, especially in most of the media’s reaction to it.

    I re-watched “Bowling for Columbine” this past week to gain some more perspective on the source of the insanity and violence, now already 13 years since that tragedy… with no significant change. The closing interview with Charleton Heston is just eery and telling, the coldheartedness. Reflecting on it, there truly seems to be an emptiness within us, a sick emptiness, where we lack the capacity for Love and Belonging — essential, bridging human needs per Maslow’s hierarchy… and so potentially the continued loss of morality as part of the higher potentials for esteem and self-actualization. Just a thought. Still, guns (like animal-based foods) are big money… and that means likely no change anytime soon. Didn’t Australia (albeit not an empire like the USA) somehow have the courage to ban weapons in 1997? May we one day get there.

    I also just wanted to share this piece on Newtown from Bill Moyers which I thought was telling —

    May there be peace on earth… someday soon. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

  2. MikeR says:

    This country has too many guns. Why we need to be armed to the teeth is beyond me. Not even celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace brings a break in guns, guns, guns.

  3. T. Colin Campbell says:

    Great article!


  4. Leo S. says:

    Do we ever read whether or not these individuals who cause death are themselves taking various drugs for depression or mental problems? The drugs carry warnings that may include aggressive behavior or suicide. Are you familiar with the “Twinkie Defense” where a murderer was defended “for diminished capacity in connection with murdering several public officials in 1978. Lots of junk food, the theory went, can mess up your brain and make you depressed.”

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