Vegetarian Broadway star goes back to eating meat.

And gets encouragement from her physician.

Sherie Rene Scott on Broadway

A Word With Sherie Rene Scott—driven by desire back to meat. That was the headline in the New York Times that caught my eye. You don’t often hear about a long-term vegetarian (in her case 26 years) return to eating meat. Her story of how it happened sounds a little bizarre:

I never wanted meat, and then I started to have a sensation, a serious, undeniable, overwhelming hunger for meat that came upon me at 44. I was in the apartment alone, and someone was cooking a brisket down the hall. I left my apartment to go find the door that the smell was coming out of, and I found myself with my nose stuck in the crack of some stranger’s door just so I could smell their brisket.

So poof, just like that. She’s no longer a vegetarian. And guess what, her medical doctor reinforced her decision by saying,

“Female vegetarians over 40 do not get enough iron. It’s eat meat or you get treated for anemia.”

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn of the Cleveland Clinic has reversed heart disease in nearly 100% of his patients — with diet change only.

Guess her doctor doesn’t know that you can get plenty of iron from plants. Just went to when I entered in the first four plant foods that came to mind—and I have all of them every week. Kale, spinach, avocado and walnuts. All four had significant levels of iron. And that’s not all her doctor doesn’t know.

  • He doesn’t know that the strongest animals in the world eat nothing but raw plants; including the gorilla whose DNA is almost identical to humans.
  • He doesn’t know that the animal protein in meat & dairy products is one of the leading causes of cancer.
  • He doesn’t know that the cholesterol and fat in meat leads to coronary artery disease, stroke and other cardiovascular issues.
  • He doesn’t know that Dr. Esselstyn and many other medical doctors have successfully reversed advanced coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes in thousands of cases–simply by putting them on a whole foods, plant-based diet.
  • Aside from all of the above, he almost certainly doesn’t know that the meat-laden western diet is grossly unsustainable.

The article (see link below) was primarily about her new show, Piece of Meat, that opened on October 16 at 54 Below. Aside from her story about having a sudden craving and then talking with her doctor, the article was primarily about the show itself.

A formula for enrichment in your life

But it got me thinking of more questions about her suddenly reverting back to eating meat after 26 years. It makes me wonder about what kind of vegetarian diet she was really eating. As we know, just being a “vegetarian” doesn’t necessarily mean that you are eating a healthy diet.

In fact, my observation has been just the opposite. Since most vegetarians still drink milk, use cream in their coffee and eat cheese, yogurt, eggs & ice-cream; how could we expect that many of them would be eating a truly health-promoting 4Leaf kind of diet? Most are probably getting nowhere near 80% of their calories from whole plants.

The article did say that she hangs around with the likes of Paul McCartney, so maybe he will influence her to return to the convictions that led her to avoid eating meat for 26 years—all of her adult life. Maybe next time, she’ll learn to eat 4Leaf and will have a much more satisfying and vibrantly healthy experience.

Consecutive Daily Blogs (numerals from the Garden State)

One final question for Sherie Rene and her physician, “How many diseases have ever been reversed by putting someone on a typical western diet with meat and dairy at almost every meal?”

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1 Response to Vegetarian Broadway star goes back to eating meat.

  1. billkranker1 says:


    I have read that there is a small trend of people going back to eating meat from either a vegan or Vegetarian diet. I would agree with you that most of them were really not eating all that healthy to begin with so they may not be falling very far off the wagon. I think too that many of them did not have a true reason for shuning meat but were just doing it for cosmetic reasons since they were not fully educated on why animal foods were so harmful to both their body and the World (they probably did not have the benefit of reading your book) Without the deep conviction it was not that difficult to change back to eating meat.

    As far as the Iron deficiency, I have read that women (and Men) who eat a lot of dry course foods like breads and cereals do serious harm to their small intestine. These dry foods scrape off the tiny villi that line the intestine which are responsible for the absorption of minerals in our diet. Since Iron is a mineral they become Iron deficient even if they are getting enough in their diets because they lack the ability to absorb it. So likely Sherie Rene would do much better by including more water-rich foods in her diet rather than including meat. If she becomes better educated in the coming years her next play may be “Piece of Fruit” We can only hope!


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